In color

You bring color to my life.


What once was clad in analog grey

Now floods with vibrant hues

With swirls of reds and greens

Filling my world to the brim

With digital color.


It seems as if

Maybe only for the vibrant moment,

That everything will turn out fine

That I truly am as safe

And as harbored here as you claim.


And as those honeyed words

Spill from your familiar lips,

For a second I catch a shadow

A glimpse of the truth within your mutterings.


For a second I feel as if

I understand what you’re saying,

Really, truly, wholly.

Not in the half-hearted partial way

That every mortal understands something

As vast and as old as you,


But in the glimmering way

The vibrant and bursting way that you do.

Perhaps in the way that one-eye himself hung himself out

For nine days and nine nights for.


But along with the lingering of such a beautiful picture

comes innate madness and hysteria

So as soon as it’s gone,

As soon as the fleeting image slips

Through the crevice in my mind

I am glad for its passing

as much as I find myself yearning for its return.